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Capricorn sign on blue backgroundThose born under the CAPRICORN sign are ambitious, responsible and hard-working individuals who often rise to the top of their profession or field of work. They are perfectionists by nature and often appear serious and stern but underneath that tough exterior they are warm, kind-hearted people who need to let their hair down occasionally to unwind from the stresses they impose on themselves and others.

CAPRICORNS have a short list of friends because they are often preoccupied with their careers and have little time to develop lasting connections with others. They often appear to be ‘loners’ which they’re really not…what they are is loving, charming and generous with a surprising sense of humor making them delightful company when they allow themselves to relax.

When CAPRICORNS are happy in a relationship, they are loyal, protective and affectionate with their partners and will gladly share what they have with them.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 – FEB. 18)

Aquarius sign on blue backgroundAQUARIANS, though popular and friendly, enjoy their privacy and independence and tend to do things their way. They thrive on constant change and are always trying new things. They are also intriguing and engaging conversationalists because they are quite well versed on issues and topics that truly interest them.

Those born under this sign are highly intuitive, insightful and optimistic even when things don’t seem to be working for them. They genuinely love people and want to do for them but find it difficult to conform to expectations imposed on them by others which can make them prone to rebellious behaviour.

AQUARIANS possess a magnetic charm which draws others to them and their cheerful disposition makes it easy for them to get along with just about anybody.  Although they are surrounded by many acquaintances, they have only a few good friends and will do anything to help and support those close to them.

AQUARIANS need partners who can keep up with their adventurous spirit and zest for life!

PISCES (FEB.19 – MAR.20)

Pisces sign on blue backgroundPISCEANS are multi-talented, highly intuitive, extremely sensitive and delightfully spontaneous. At times, they can be moody and over-emotional and because they can easily be hurt, they must guard against slipping into modes of self-pity.

PISCEANS genuinely care about people and the world in general and strongly empathize with others, sometimes giving too much of themselves and this trait can cause others to take advantage of them.

Elusive and secretive, PISCEANS are reluctant to share their private thoughts or deep emotions with anyone, even with those closest to them.

PISCEANS have difficulty making decisions because they tend to focus more on the ‘big picture’ and become overwhelmed by too many options and details, so they wind up doing nothing instead of taking steps forward.

Once PISCEANS commit to a relationship, it is likely to be for life!

ARIES (MAR. 21 – APR.19)

Aries sign on blue backgroundARIANS know what they want…and they want it NOW! Folks born under this sign are natural leaders and extremely independent and are impossible to ignore because they make things happen as they work through life’s ups and downs with daring and initiative.

ARIANS are impatient, impulsive and, at times, hot-headed and their tempers can flare without warning. They really need to curb their bursts of anger if they want to avoid problems at work, at home, or at play.

ARIANS are sometimes inattentive to the feelings of others, but once they become aware that their behavior has hurt someone, they do their best to make amends. Routine jobs are not for ARIANS because they are highly competitive and need to work at what challenges them and allows them freedom of expression.

ARIANS are passionate by nature and have a tremendous need for challenge and adventure. They can become bored and restless if their romantic relationship becomes too comfortable or the same, day in and day out!

TAURUS (APR. 20 – MAY 20)

Taurus sign on blue backgroundTAUREANS are dependable, hard-working, stubborn and possess an abundance of common sense. They are soft-hearted and naturally charming and easily get along with just about anyone. Kind and trustworthy, TAUREANS can be relied upon to do what’s right no matter what obstacles they encounter.

TAUREANS are prone to moodiness and become easily stressed when they do more for others than for themselves. They need time to wind down when life becomes overwhelming for them and they look forward to some ‘alone’ time to re-energize.

The ideal job for TAUREANS is one where there’s routine, where it’s calm and low-key because they can’t be rushed to make on-the-spot decisions which can make their heads spin and ultimately frustrates them…they need time to think!

Emotional security is of utmost importance to TAUREANS and when they commit to their chosen partner, there is no doubt as to their loyalty and devotion!


Gemini sign on blue backgroundGEMINIS are charming, creative and highly intelligent with a witty sense of humor. They love to talk, dazzling folks with their knowledge about a variety of topics and blend in rather nicely in crowds because of their knack for knowing just what to say.

GEMINIS have a tendency for divulging what’s been told to them in confidence but it’s not done on purpose…they simply talk too much at the wrong times! They are impatient, exacting and sometimes controlling and react negatively when things don’t go their way. As wonderful as they are, they confuse and frustrate others because they can be adamant about something one day and change their minds about it the next day.

GEMINIS have a long ‘to do’ list of chores and have every intention of crossing every item off that list as it gets done but, because they procrastinate, the list keeps getting longer and longer as time goes on.

Being in relationships with GEMINIS is never boring but they do need a partner with both feet on the ground, a loving and loyal companion who will challenge them with lively conversations.


Cancer sign on blue backgroundCANCERIANS are emotional, highly intuitive, extremely sensitive and compassionate and live their lives in the pursuit of happiness.   They may appear tough on the exterior but are much softer on the interior. They sometimes come across as aloof because they are afraid of being hurt but this only causes others to distance themselves from them, leaving them feeling alone and isolated, which is the exact opposite of what they want                                                      and need.

Home is extremely important to CANCERIANS who are prone to bouts of nostalgia and you’ll often find their environment filled with photographs and mementos from the past.

CANCERIANS can switch rather quickly from being soft and gentle one moment to being short-tempered and snappy the next. They are moody and argumentative and will pout when they don’t get their way. This sign of the Zodiac can hold grudges for the longest time.

When CANCERIANS fall in love, they do so with their entire being but, if they should ever feel rejected, they will retreat into their shells or wander off on their own to where they will feel loved and appreciated. 

LEO (JUL. 23 – AUG. 22)

Leo sign on blue backgroundLEOS are humorous, outgoing and charismatic and are quite content to find themselves at the center of attention surrounded by admirers who simply adore them and who don`t mind lavishing them with generous amounts of flattery. They have delightful, sunny dispositions and love to live life to the fullest, propelled by their desire for adventure. While they thrive on being admired, they do not take well to criticism of any kind which can send their egos plummeting.

LEOS are spontaneous, energetic and resourceful and can overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of their dreams and goals. LEOS earnestly believe that they are always right but would do well to acknowledge and respect the opinions of others.

In matters of the heart, LEOS need partners who think independently, who have their own friends and outside interests and once they find the right partner, they remain committed to that relationship.

VIRGO (AUG. 23 – SEPT. 22)

Virgo sign on blue backgroundVIRGOS are perfectionists, detail-oriented, sensible and meticulous with razor-sharp perception (very little escapes their keen eye). They often appear as critical and fussy and believe no one else can get the job done as well as they can. This can be irritating to others and for this reason VIRGOS need to make a conscious effort to be more understanding and accepting of situations over which they have no control.

VIRGOS are responsible and, at times, generous to a fault and are strongly inclined to serve and help others, doing what is needed to ensure everything is as it should be.

They are multi-talented, artistic and need stimulating, intelligent conversations and you can trust in their ability to be discreet with your innermost secrets.

In the workplace, VIRGOS make ideal employees…because they are hard-working, analytical and very organized and you can count on them to do their best for their employer.

In matters of the heart, VIRGOS are very affectionate and need partners who appreciate their efforts and are devoted to them.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 – OCT. 22)

Libra sign on blue backgroundLIBRANS are charming, sociable, diplomatic and easygoing. They strive to create peace and harmony around them, avoiding confrontations because they dislike hurting other people and prefer the softer approach to keeping the peace through tact and compromise.

LIBRANS have difficulty in making decisions because their minds weave between this and that and may be perceived as wishy-washy but nothing could be further from the truth. They are, in fact, strong characters but lean more towards harmonious ways of dealing with people and situations.

Regarding careers, LIBRANS are ambitious and hate being ordered about and will strive towards being in charge or running their own business.

Folks born under the sign of LIBRA do not make decisions without first weighing all the pros and cons and finding out about all the options available to them…only then can they make an informed decision.

In matters of the heart, once a LIBRAN finds the perfect mate, the relationship will be lively and steady. 

SCORPIO (OCT. 23 – NOV. 21)

Scorpio sign on blue backgroundSCORPIOS are energetic, insightful and magnetically charming. They thrive on challenges and if there is ever a mystery to unravel, you can be sure SCORPIOS will get the job done because their suspicious nature will not let them do otherwise.

Although SCORPIOS are powerful, they do go through bouts of insecurity and tend to mask those feelings with arrogant and dismissive behaviour. They also have a tendency to harbor past hurts and are somewhat incapable of forgiveness towards those who have wronged them.

SCORPIOS are intelligent, ambitious and dynamic achievers and are driven to succeed in all of their endeavors.

When mysterious SCORPIOS fall in love, they can be deeply affectionate and fascinating partners.


Sagittarius sign on blue backgroundSAGGITARIANS are charming, enthusiastic, warm and optimistic. They have a zest for life and, because they have a lot of living to do,  shy away from conformity and routine which could stifle the feeling of freedom they long for.

Cheerful, friendly and adventurous, SAGGITARIANS are genuinely liked by others. Subtlety is not one of their strong points so if you do not want to hear an honest answer, do not ask a SAGGITARIAN for an opinion.

SAGGITARIANS do best in careers that challenge them, where there are places to go, people to meet and things to learn.

In matters of the heart, SAGGITARIANS are generous and helpful partners and will work harder than most to make their relationships last, even if they seem to be headed on downward spirals.

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