Sometimes, people make thoughtless comments without any intent to hurt you.  Instead of feeling hurt, you can choose to not allow the power of words make an impression on you.

Cartoon man in red shirt with speech bubble
Sometimes people say thoughtless things

As a youngster, Jana (not her real name) was once told that she would be cute if only her teeth weren’t so crooked.  Jana is an adult now and to this day covers her mouth with her hand when she laughs or smiles because she is self-conscious about her teeth.

Yes, there are some folks who give themselves permission to make thoughtless comments to others without any regard as to the misery their words might cause someone.  Now that you are aware of this, are you ever again going to take someone’s negative comments to heart only to replay them in your head for years to come as Jana is doing?

The simple solution to this is to just IGNORE  upsetting comments as you hear them because thoughtless words can’t hurt you unless you let them!

This will be your test and your taste for personal power!



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