SCENARIO: You just bought a brand new car from a dealer in the color of your CHOICE (and I stress the word CHOICE, not what was available)!

What the color you choose might be saying about your character/personality:

The following descriptions were garnered from years of observations and conversations with various drivers of all ages. Bear in mind, however, that we all share some of the characteristics that are present in the other color choices, but the ones that ensue are noticeably the dominant ones that pertain to specific colors.

car with many colors
What color would you choose?

You strive for serenity in your daily interactions with others and take great care not to offend anyone in any way. Folks are drawn to you because of your smile and soft-spoken manner and seek you out to spend time with them. Pleasing others comes naturally to you and when called upon to do a favor, you do not disappoint. You tend to keep your true feelings to yourself and will retreat from a confrontation because it could easily throw a curve onto your peaceful existence. Your generosity of spirit enables you to concentrate on the happiness of others, thereby generating a long list of folks who simply adore you. Because you are so giving, you must guard against others taking advantage of your good nature.

Your name sometimes pops up in conversations when you’re not present, not because you’re the target of gossip, but because you are being loved, admired and appreciated from a distance.

In terms of romance, when you find your perfect mate, you commit to him/her because that’s who you are, and you will bend over backwards to ensure happiness and maintain stability in your relationship.


You are deep thinkers and planners and avoid making rash decisions. Pros and cons must be carefully weighed before deciding on your next course of action. Surprises can sometimes throw you for a loop. You need to know where you’re headed, how you’re going to get there and at what time and if things don’t work out as planned, you’ll surely have a backup strategy to save the day.

You are soft-spoken and tend to analyze things to the nth degree, often without realizing it. Your true understanding of what makes people ‘tick’ enables you to accept everyone at face value.

At social gatherings, you prefer not to be in the limelight, but you do blend in nicely because you are delightful company. People gravitate towards you because of your friendly, easy-going manner and insightful conversations.


You embrace life with a hearty passion and your ready smile quickly befriends those with whom you come into contact. Fun begins the moment you enter a room because you create it with your audible voice, lively personality and witty sense of humor. Your energy level is higher than most, enabling you to be your usual spontaneous self.

Discipline is not your strong suit and you often wish you had more of it, but whirlwinds of ideas, emotions and activities keep you rooted to excitement and instant gratification because you tend to live in the ‘moment’. Now that you’ve learned not to take yourself too seriously because you’re wiser and less sensitive than you once were, you easily ‘go with the flow’ when life presents its various twists and turns.

When it comes to romance, you enjoy the challenge of the chase, but once you’ve found your perfect mate, all others will fall to the wayside. You love life…and it loves you right back!


Your character cannot be ignored. You’re in charge of your life and live it on your own terms. You know what you want and venture out to get it no matter how much time and effort is involved, and if you don’t reap the desired results, you will quickly take on new challenges.

When it comes to processing information, you do it logically and with precision which sharpens your instinct about people, enabling you to pinpoint ‘what is’ and because of this, very little escapes your keen observations. You are often short on patience, especially when common sense has not been applied. Nothing about you is wishy/washy. You eat, work and play hard and when communicating with others, you don’t mince words. Everyone knows where you stand on various issues and should someone disagree with your views, you will do your utmost to turn him/her around to your way of thinking. Skepticism often takes a front seat to things you read or hear about because you are opinionated and like to make up your own mind about things.

In matters of the heart, you have an engaging personality that captures the attention of many admirers wherever you go!

cartoon blonde-haired man waving driving red car
Bye-bye for now!

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