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Make more money

Increase your earning potential by daily implementing the following suggested tips on how to get a raise.

Employers look for outstanding qualities in their staff and are more prone to rewarding model employees with salary increases, bonuses and/or other perks in order to keep them happy and on board.  By becoming a valuable asset to your employer, you greatly increase your chances for earning more money, and to that end I offer you…

20 Tips on How to Get a Raise

  1.  Get a good night’s sleep to keep you from nodding off at your desk during work hours.  Staying alert minimizes the possibility of errors.
  2.  Start each new day with a smile on your face.  Smiles are ‘catchy’ and create a pleasant atmosphere.
  3.  Arrive for work a little earlier to give yourself time to wind down, have a snack or something to drink  so that you can start your work day on time.
  4.  Personal hygiene and good grooming are of paramount importance…do your best not to leave home without them.
  5.  Use perfume, colognes or body sprays sparingly because some folks experience negative reactions to certain strong fragrances in enclosed spaces.
  6. Filing may seem like a chore if left to become a mound on your desk, but it need not be if you get into the habit of immediately filing all letters, reports, etc. as soon as you’re done with them.
  7.  Employers develop a new awareness and heightened respect for employees who devise cost-cutting and time-saving methods of getting the job done more efficiently.  Your employers will surely want to show their appreciation for your valuable input.
  8.  Dress appropriately for your place of business.  A professional appearance speaks volumes about you and reflects on the company you work for.
  9.  Do not allow phones to ring incessantly.  Answer incoming calls as soon as you can and speak clearly with a cheerful tone.
  10. When you’re given specific instructions by a superior, listen intently, take notes, then repeat the instructions as you understand them to ascertain accuracy as to what you’re being asked to do.
  11. On occasion, several projects may be assigned to you in one sitting at which time you might want to clarify with your superior as to the order of importance of each individual project and the required timeline for the completion of each one so that you’ll know what to concentrate on first.
  12. Efficiency makes the work day run more smoothly.  Learn to anticipate your boss’s needs.  Have files, reports and all other pertinent information on hand for quick access.
  13. When your workload is completed, find ways to keep busy.  Update your files, offer to help your co-workers, water the plants, or wash the soiled dishes in the staff lunchroom.
  14. Don’t look to others to perform mundane tasks that you can easily do yourself such as refilling the photocopy machine with toner and additional copy paper when needed.
  15. Never, ever, say “it’s not my job”.  These jarring words will make you seem uncaring and unwilling to be a team player and could negatively affect someone’s opinion of you.
  16. Have refreshments on hand for clients and guests.  Spot check washrooms and work areas for cleanliness and tidy up, if necessary.
  17. Check your work more than once before going on to the next project, because errors can sometimes be costly, time-consuming and/or frustrating to correct.  It’s always better to get things done right the first time around.
  18. Always be at your best by doing your best.  Your efforts, enthusiasm and pride with which you work will not go unnoticed by your superiors.
  19. Refrain from bombarding your superiors with complaints and mundane issues about your co-workers.  Employers have more pressing and important matters to attend to.
  20. Lastly, and most importantly, BE LOYAL TO YOUR EMPLOYERS.  Never, ever, side with a disgruntled employee against a superior because when  (NOT ‘IF’) he/she gets wind of it, his/her opinion of you will spiral downwards and will never be restored to its original state.



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